All about the author:

Hilton Pashley

I'd love to say that I was born in a windmill during a thunderstorm and raised by kindly chipmunks, but, alas, the truth is never as exciting as a massive fib. Arriving in darkest Norfolk during the spring of 1968, I spent my childhood either falling out of trees or with my nose stuck in a book. The worlds created by Roald Dahl, J R R Tolkien, C S Lewis and Susan Cooper were so amazing, my young self decided to create one that was just as good. A couple of days later I decided that writing was actually quite hard and so decided to leave it for a bit.

There then followed a short, thirty-year detour into adulthood, and a career in the Civil Service and Norfolk Magistracy before the urge to scribble finally got the better of me. After much tapping away on my keyboard and a pile of rejection slips as high as my eyebrows, I finally found an agent who didn't burst out laughing at my manuscript.

Hilton Pashley

Gabriel's Clock was published by Andersen Press in 2013 and was longlisted for the Branford Boase Award and was a finalist at both the Warwickshire and Leeds SLS Book Awards in 2015. The sequel, Sammael's Wings, was published in 2015 also by Andersen Press. Michael's Spear, the final book in the Hobbes End trilogy, was published in November 2017 by The Dome Press. Jack Flynn and the Wrath of Kings, the first in a new spin-off series, will be published by The Dome Press in late 2018.

I currently live just outside Norwich (not in a windmill, sadly, but I live in hope). When not tapping away furiously I like to fly large kites on the beach, ride horses, and try not to look too inept while learning circus skills such as trapeze and acrobatics.