'In the blink of an eye Jonathan's life changed forever'. After his home is attacked by faceless demons in bowler hats, Jonathan wakes up in the strange village of Hobbes End. Built by a fallen angel and hidden deep within a forest, Hobbes End protects those who need to be safe – and nobody is more in need of protection than Jonathan. He is the only half-angel, half-demon in the universe, and the forces of hell want him for their own sinister purpose. Aided by a vicar with a broken heart, a big man with a cricket bat and a very rude cat, Jonathan races to find the mysterious Gabriel's Clock. If he doesn't find it then his family and friends will die, but, if he does, then he risks igniting a war between Heaven and Hell that could engulf them all. Gabriel's Clock is ticking...and time is running out!

Published in the UK by Andersen Press, Gabriel's Clock is a cracking read for 9-13 year olds and for adults who haven't forgotten what it's like to be that age. The book is also published in the US by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and will soon be published in Brazil by Bertrand Brasil. An unabridged audio book is also available. Cover and internal art is by the very talented Sandra Dieckmann whose website can be found here.


'Jonathan was running for his life'. Everything Jonathan loves is threatened. His angel father is wounded and lost, and his demon mother is missing in Hell. When his great-aunt Sammael, an archangel, returns from exile, Jonathan finally has a chance to bring his family back together. But a terrible new enemy wants to create chaos and fear throughout the universe, and he needs Jonathan's wings to do it. Summoning every ounce of courage that he has, Jonathan must go through Heaven and Hell to save them all.

In the sequel to Gabriel's Clock we return to Hobbes End to find Jonathan and Cay, Ignatius and Grimm, Elgar the cat and gargoyles Montgomery and Stubbs once again facing an implacable foe. But this time they have the archangel Sammael Morningstar on their side, and she has a score to settle. Published in the UK by Andersen Press. For 9-13 year olds with cover and internal art by Sandra Dieckmann.


'The Universe is coming apart at the seams'.

As Jonathan and his friends fight to save it, their every move is being watched from the shadows. Lilith, the last Archdemon has plans of her own, and with the legendary Michael’s Spear under her control Jonathan has never faced a more lethal foe. With the odds stacked against him, Jonathan will need all the help he can get if he is to fulfil his destiny. It’s time for Gabriel’s grandson to finally spread his wings…

In the final book of the trilogy Jonathan comes face to face with Lilith, the last Archdemon. Not in his worst nightmares could he foresee what she has planned, and this time the fate of creation itself is at stake. Failure is not an option, but the price of winning will be very high indeed. For 9-13 year olds and published in the UK by The Dome Press.